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IPRO Industries project Germany group is pioneer in introducing the falling fil evaporators in the cane sugar industry. More than 230 FFE plus units are operational in the cane sugar plants depicting immense experience and trust of the clients.

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Condensers are essential for the sugar industry to carry out the crystallization process under low pressure conditions. Therefore, a part from creating vacuum in the pans, condensers play an important role to optimize the pan station improving the overall plant performance. IPRO offers condensers for the efficient vacuum generation. Condensers are designed to work at an approach (vapour-tail pipe) temperature of 3-4 °C. they provide stable vacuum throughout pan operation which is essential for an efficient crystallization process to avoid development of fines and crystal dilution

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Direct contact Heaters offered by IPRO, are equipped with optimum internal design for better mixture of liquids and vapors. External entrainment separators are provided for additional safety to avoid entrainment improving the suitability to implement them in the system without the fear of sugar losses. Heaters are designed to handle higher load variations with minimal performance change. Compared to conventional heaters very little space, piping and structure is required. The heaters are designed as per standards with SS 304 material

External Entrainment Separator

There could be a significant sugar loss due to entrainment. Though, DCH plus design don’t allow entrainment, but still external separator is provided as added safety feature to avoid any sugar loss.

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